The Heart Watches While The Brain Burns The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns


Mike Doughty is back with his ninth album "The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns." The title is a nod to an episode of Marc Maron’s WTF! podcast.

The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns is the third collaboration between Doughty and Queens, NY hip-hop producer Good Goose and features some of his most mature and realized songwriting to date. The elegant, charming album swerves between lonesome country influences, and trap beats.

Doughty’s latest offering is the result of an exciting new chapter his life where he traded the manic energy of New York City for the “fascinating” and “mysterious” allure of Memphis, Tennessee.

Full digital album download will be delivered immediately after purchase.

Vinyl will be available on November 25.


  1. Wait! You'll Find a Better Way
  2. I Can't Believe I Found You in That Town
  3. Brian
  4. There Is a Way Out
  5. Sad Girl Walking in the Rain
  6. Dawn-Gone
  7. You Could Fly
  8. Otherlands
  9. Don't Jerk the Wheel
  10. Making Me Lay Down
  11. Give Me Something
  12. The Wild Creatures