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In the fall of 2013, after famously eschewing his former band's repertoire for most of his career, Doughty released an album of re-imagined Soul Coughing songs titled Circles Super Bon Bon... and toured the US in support of it with Catherine Popper on upright bass, Pete Wilhoit on drums, and Doughty himself on guitar, turntables, and sampler. Now Doughty returns with Live At Ken's House, a recording of the live show featuring many Soul Coughing songs that were arranged for the tour but weren't on the album. Live At Ken's House was banged out in a single day, four days after the tour's end.

"The band was pretty spectacular," Doughty says, "and the shows were intense. Obviously, we were at maximum tightness after 32 shows, and I wanted to take immediate advantage of that."

Available in FLAC and MP3 formats.

1. So Far I Have Not Found the Science/Moon Sammy
2. St. Louise Is Listening
3. Soft Serve
4. Bus to Beelzebub
5. How Many Cans?/Monster Man
6. Lazybones
7. Fully Retractable
8. $300
9. Maybe I'll Come Down
10. Super Bon Bon
11. Super Bon Bon (H.J.A. version)
12. Sugar Free Jazz
13. Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
14. Circles
15. Unmarked Helicopters