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DUBIOUS LUXURY is a sample-heavy, psychedelic, beat-driven electric album. Mike Doughty can't endorse the use of hallucinogens, but an enthusiast might enjoy these tunes. Mike doesn't sing on it--instead, he samples, chops up, and dishes out vocals from Todd Colby, Young Jean Lee, Joanne Kyger, Becky Yamamoto, and others.

1. Soundythigh
2. O.S.S.U.M. (with Erica Livingston)
3. Gimme the Cake (with Todd Colby)
4. Powerful Medium / The Claw (with Rachel Benbow Murdy)
5. Uh-murr-kah
6. Let's Turn On
7. Oona Bet Door
8. Do You Find Me Sexy? (with Rachel Benbow Murdy)
9. I Just Want to be Mellow, Man (with Becky Yamamoto)
10. Oh Ray Ray
11. Are You Here? I Am Here (with Joanne Kyger, "News From Maya Land", 1976)
12. That's Right (with Young Jean Lee)
13. Chinese Spies
14. You Don't Have to Think About What to Do
15. More Bacon Than the Pan Can Handle [remix] (with Stephanie Beatriz)
16. Cheap Suite: Yuley Gum, Labrador, Soledad O'Brien (Roland MC-307 recorded by a mic in front of a tiny amplifier)