Sad Man Happy Man CD CDs


A true multi-media artist, Doughty has given into the pressure he has felt for years from fans to record an acoustic album again. Sad Man Happy Man isn't entirely acoustic -- Doughty's experimentation with drum machines and Ableton software adds a larger dynamic to Mike's acoustic efforts along with cello player Andrew Scrap Livingston. For the track 'Doubly Gratified', Doughty went back to an old friend, Soul Coughing producer David Kahne.

1. Nectarine (Part Two)
2. (I Keep On) Rising Up
3. (You Should Be) Doubly (Gratified)
4. Lorna Zauberberg
5. (I Want to) Burn You (Down)
6. Pleasure on Credit
7. Lord Lord Help Me Just to Rock Rock On
8. (He's Got the) Whole World (in His Hands)
9. (When I) Box the Days (Up)
10. Year of the Dog
11. Diane
12. How to Fuck a Republican
13. Casper the Friendly Ghost